With Leica in Melacca

Went on a day trip to Melacca to take some pictures. Ok, “models” were paid to be there, lots of “experts”, lots of big lenses and expensive gear… I ended up using only a 50mm manual lens, a Leica Summicron-R 50mm f2 instead, and kept the rest of my gear in pouches. Decided to have fun and let the rest stress with the showing-off skills.

While is not easy and sometimes frustrating, I kind of enjoying it. The worst part was shooting the ladies indoors as the ETTL flash I brought along (270EX II) was not working with my lens, is just a manual lens doh… I had to switch to manual mode and play with the settings till managed to get something close with what I wanted.

I left the rest of the guys shooting the models and I went instead to try the famous “rice balls”, end up in eating the chicken instead. Is YUMMY!

Anyway, bellow are some pictures I took, for more can check the set on Flickr here.



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