Zeiss Planar *T 85mm f1.4

Months back I got myself a Zeiss Planar *T 85mm f1.4 (Contax version, full manual, “Made in West Germany” model).

First feeling when you hold it: is built like a tank. Full metal body and rubber ring for a better grip on focusing ring give you the feeling that will last forever. The large amount of glass make it look like there is nothing else inside. Weight close to 1 Kg but is not as big as Canon’s 85mm F1.2 L version.

The manual focus and the very shallow DOF make it difficult to shoot @ f1.4 hand-hold, but is not impossible. I use it on a Canon 5D Mk2 with a chipped adapter ring that helps for focusing (prior testing and micro-correction adjustments are required for a proper focusing). Going 1 stop lower will help without a big impact on bokeh.

What I love about Zeiss glass is the way it capture the subject and the colours, giving that “3D pop” effect. For people looking for a good glass and do not mind going full manual is a recommended lens. Some pictures I took in my last trip in Italy are attached bellow.


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