Canon EOS M, first impressions

I know lots of people whine about Canon’s mirror-less attempt: EOS M.

I used to bring my 5D almost everywhere, most of the times “just in case” but I gave up: gets to heavy because of tons of things I need to bring around with me because of the always changing weather here.

I thought of buying myself a small camera. Something to allow me a decent amount of control while not blowing up my budget. I thought of X100, a lovely gem, but so many limitations!

Anyway, the fact that I know buying glass can be contagious and expensive I decided to stick with what I have already if possible. The choice, maybe not a good one for some, was pretty much pointing towards Canon EOS M.

Long story short: i got one with a 22mm lens. I am still not used with the “touch” part nor the live-view shooting, however, is a lovely camera. Starting with the body build to the quality of the pictures taken I am very happy.

The kit lens is quite good, however, I miss a lot the manual control of the focus. Don’t get me wrong, you have the ability to switch to manual focus, however, the manual focus on the 22 mm lens is far from what you expect from a decent lens.

I miss a lot the viewfinder, I mean the real optical viewfinder. Taking pictures looking at the LCD feels awkward for me.

Leaving this aside is pretty decent at focusing. The camera come with the 2.0.2 version of the firmware preinstalled and it feels quite snappy. I can’t wait to get my hands to a converter and test it using my Leica and Zeiss manual lenses though ^_^

Some pictures I took this morning. Was snowing lightly in the morning then turned in rain for a while. Overall was cloudy with an overcast sky…

bench and snow nuts and bolts old garden and tree veggies


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