A welcomed change

Lately I was pretty busy and lazy. However decided is time to let go my trusted old camera and do a change.

I choosed to exchange it for a 5D Mk3. I had to let go my EOSM camera with the kit lens, a 50m f1.8 Mk2 and the 5D Mk2 in exchange.

And wow! it is a different beast all together: heavier, sturdier, different. I am not big fan though of the plasticky feeling you get when pressing the controls but I’ll get used to it soon. too many menus, too many options and as usual: who reads the manuals? 🙂

Anyway, using my old manual lenses feels like a lot of fun: the manual focus is a joy using the chipped adapters as the focus confirmation is instant even in very low light! Also feels more consistent and reassuring.

I took some test pictures with my 85mm f/1.4 Contax Zeiss and attached one bellow: full picture and a !00% crop.

5D Mk3, 85mm, f4, ISO 3200, 1/50



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